My E-Tuition

Who We Are

More than 15 years ago, we had a vision. We wanted to be the pioneer of the online learning platform in Malaysia. Hence, here we are now, the pioneer in online learning that covers almost all subjects in Malaysian syllabus.

Throughout the years, our company has worked closely together with many states bringing education closer to the students via provision of back end LMS engine for hosting online learning contents for Primary 1 – 6 and Form 1 – 5, powered by MyET LMS Digital Education Solutions.

Our Mission

We aim to provide online learning content to cater to the whole of our country. Collaborating closely with MOE, it is our goal to enable all Malaysian students to be able to access our portal, at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE, be it the cities or the rural areas of Malaysia. In the fast growing technology phase, internet would be a no jargon word even for the rural students. Connecting them to online learning, being able to enjoy the great advantages of online learning, will be a great mission for our team.

Our Key Person

Guru Sunny Yee

Founder & Owner of MyET EDUCATION

Datuk Khairul Ismail