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My E-Tuition is the leading e-learning platform in Malaysia, following closely the syllabus by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (MOE). To date, we have a massive collection of over 8,000 videos covering more than 180 core and elective subjects in Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Tamil languages.

Our mission is to provide online learning content to cater to the whole of our country. Collaborating closely with MOE, it is our goal to enable all Malaysian students to be able to access our portal, at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE, be it the cities or the rural areas of Malaysia.


Unlike traditional tuition, here at My E-Tuition, students will have UNLIMITED views to the videos, to keep repeating subjects and lessons that they need improvement most. Students can pace their own speed and be able to revise again and again, ANYTIME, at the comfort of home.